Basketball Career!!!With Full games online and highlights on my Page!!!!

 Philip is a  Professional basketball player in Europe!! He started his basketball career serious at North Garland High School!!!And it went on from their!!!I played two years at Arkansas pine bluff Universiy!((Division 1))!!Played 1year at Abilene Christain University(Division 2) and last year at Langston University(naia d1)!!!
After his college career in 2008-2009 he sign a professional contract to play in Europe with the Aschersleben Tigers in Germany!!!
 2009-2010 he signed another professional contact in Europe to play with MAgec Tias in Spain!!!!Philip can play with the best in the NBA or the Top leagues in Europe so hopefully his agent gets him a shot next season!!!Philip also have been referred by fellow friend tyrone ellis former nba player who now plays in top league in Spain and is trying to follow his footsteps!!! This is Philips  link for the  top scorer in Spain in the lega eba or league bronze! And also Philips interview is under this link on Eurobasket this year in Spain on April 2010!!
Leading scrorer

eurobasket interview



Langston University Confernece Champs!!!

Philip and his teammates at Langston University!!!It was Philip  last season in College and they pulled off a conference Championship!!!!Philip lead the team in scoring with 17pts a game 3.3asst, 4.2reb,!!First team all conference!!2 time player of week awards!!!Top recongnition player for the team at the National tournament in Kansas city!!!And mvp of the conference Tournament to get  the rings and  head to the national tournament!!!!I Philip  had 32pts and 7rebs to lead his team to become conference champs!!!Here is Philips link of the Conference game!!Im number #11 with white head band!!!!

All Star game in Germany 2009!!!

Philips All star game in Germany!!!!With some of the top players in the top leagues in germany! BBl,Pro A,Pro B, and Regionalliga leagues!!Johnnie Gilbert  is one of the players on Philips All star team, he is #3 he is a dominant player right now for Mbc in the Top league in germany BBl right now!!!Johnnie had 26points in this game!!Philip is #6 with the white head band and had 23points and 18assist!!!Here is the link!!!


1st professional year in Europe!!!Germany 2008-2009

Philip  season in Germany!!Philip lead the lead in scoring with 27points a game!!!! full game footage from Germany under here and two highlight videos of all my games in Germany!!!And you can get more full game footage on youtube under philip brooks!!!Philip is #6 with red head band!!!

First quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th quarter


2nd professional career in Europe!!!Spain Basketball!!!

Philip receiving the ScoringTrophy in Spain in a tourament before the Season!!Philip lead the league in scoring in Spain in lega eba and here is the link!!!

Interview on eurobasket!!

 here is some of the links online to Philips  game when we knock off the first place team  Maghlonda!!And i led his team with 43points and 14rebs!!!

First Quarter

Second Quarter

3rd quarter

4th quarter

1st Overtime

2nd ovetime

Pronto tendremos mas videos y actualizaciones colgadas